Cave and karst bibliography

Bibliography of the caves and karst of Thailand

A bibliography on the cave and karst of Thailand as a PDF can be downloaded here: BIBLIOGRAPHY

This has been updated to 16 January 2023 and contains 3,037 references giving details of papers, books, reports, pamphlets, newspaper reports, webpages, magazine articles and unpublished items on the caves and karst of Thailand. The references have keywords for subject, province and cave. 
I wish to thank the following for their help in compiling this bibliography:
Natee Ampai (Thailand) for a copy of a paper
Aaron Bauer (USA) for a copy of one of his papers
Terry Bolger (USA) for copies of CSIRO papers
Anton Brancelj (Slovenia) for copies of his papers
Dave Checkley (UK) for a copy of his unpublished report
Cyler Conrad (USA) for copies of his papers
Louis Deharveng (France) for copies of the APS expedition reports and Collembola papers
John Dunkley (Austalia) for a copy of an unpublished report and other help
Mark Faulkner (UK) for references from his library and numerous scanned articles
Arnaud Filoux (France) for copies of his papers
Terence Fitch (UK) for searching various academic databases
Peter Jäger (Germany) for copies of his papers
Sopark Jantarit (Thailand) for copies of various papers
Philippe Jarlan (France) for copies of his expedition reports
Helen Jarvie (UK) for obtaining references from hydrological journals
Alice Latinne (Belgium) for copies of her thesis and papers
Michael Laumanns (Germany) for a copy of his bibliography on Thai caves
Georges Lenglet (Belgium) for copies of papers on reptiles
Charles Lienhard (Switzerland) for copies of his papers on Psocoptera
Ray Mansfield (UK) for references from his library
Donald McFarlane (USA) for copies of his papers on Thai bats
Martin Mills (UK) for passing on Thai references
Roy Paulson (UK) for scans of references from the BCRA library
Olivier Pauwels (Belgium) for cave reptile references
Michel Perreau (France) for a copy of his paper
Adrian Plant (UK) for copies of his papers
Liz Price (UK) for references published in Malaysia
La-orsri Sanoamuang (Thailand) for copies of her papers
Roger Schuster (Germany) for copies of references in Der Abseiler
Victoria Scott (UK) for a copy of her thesis
Padet Siriyasatien (Thailand) for a copy of a paper
Dean Smart (UK) for his extensive library on Thailand caves and karst
Helmut Steiner (Germany) for copies of numerous scientific papers
MacAllan Thompson (USA) for newspaper references
Thierry Tournier (France) for copies of expedition reports
Mary Wilde (UK) for scans of references from the BCA library
Bibliographies consulted:
Annotated Bibliography of Karst Publications Nos. 9 – 12 (2000 – 2003) published in Acta Carsologica
Current Titles in Speleology
Speleological Abstracts
A Guide to Speleological Literature of the English Language 1794-1996
John Dunkley’s bibliography in Caves of Thailand (1995)
Dean Smart’s bibliography on the now defunct website
The online archives of the BBC, Bangkok Post and The Nation.
Although the coverage of caving and speleological references is good that of the karst and limestones is less complete.  The link to Thailand, let alone caves, is a bit tenuous for many of the references, particularly some of the biological papers e.g. locality data for monkeys or where Thai cave animals have been reclassified. Few Thai language publications have been checked.
For the Tham Luang cave rescue in 2018 the majority of press reports have been excluded.
The search for references is on going and the compiler would be very interested to receive details of any references he has missed. 
Bold – items seen by the compiler
PDF – PDF available from the compiler