The Distribution and Type Localities of Thai Cave Fauna: Part Three: Isopoda

This third part covers the isopods that have been identified and described from Thai caves.
Cymothoida: Cirolanidae
Annina fustis Bowamn & Iliffe, 1991
The type locality is PH0001 Tham Ruesi: Phang Nga: Muang Phang Nga N08.437713° E098.518049° Altitude: 5 m
The only other record for this species is from mangroves in Singapore.

Oniscidea: Armadillidae
Armadillo infuscatus Budde-Lund, 1902
The type and only known locality is Gua Janat: Yala: Muang Yala. The whereabouts of this cave is unknown and there have been no further records of this species since the type series was collected in 1899.

Troglodillo emarginatus Jackson, 1937
The type and only known locality for this species is LA0001 Tham Pha Thai: Lampang: Ngao: Tham Pha Thai National Park: Ban Thak  N18.607292° E099.469964° Altitude: 400 m
Oniscidea: Oniscidae
Exalloniscus beroni Taiti & Ferrara, 1988
The type and only known locality is CM0001 Tham Chiang Dao: Chiang Mai: Chiang Dao: Ban Tham N19.393904° E098.927781° Altitude: 406 m
Exalloniscus thailandensis Dalens, 1987
The type locality is MH0099 Tham Nam Ru Hua Koa: Mae Hong Son: Muang Mae Hong Son; Ban Mok Jum Pae N19.423227° E097.984334° Altitude: 300 m
Oniscidea: Styloniscidae
Indoniscus deharvengi Dalens, 1987
The type locality is MH0099 Tham Nam Ru Hua Koa: Mae Hong Son: Muang Mae Hong Son; Ban Mok Jum Pae N19.423227° E097.984334° Altitude: 300 m
Thailandoniscus annae  Dalens, 1989
The type and only known locality is PH0007 Tham Tapan: Phang Nga: Muang Phang Nga; Thai Chang: Wat Tham Tapan N08.455047° E098.528012° Altitude: 39 m
Asellota: Stenasellidae
 Stenasellus bedosae Magniez, 1991
The type and only known locality is ST0004 Tham Phanthurat 1: Surat Thani: Phanom: Ban Bang Pru: Wat Tham Phanthurat N08.900362° E098.525227° Altitude: 130 m
Stenasellus brignolii Pesce & Argano, 1981
This species was described from freshwater wells on Phuket. It has been provisionally recorded from the following caves:
PH0035 Tham Phet: Phang Nga: Thap Phut: Ban Tham Thong Lang: Khao Nang Hong N08.546251° E098.577459° Altitude: 100 m
PH0007 Tham Tapan: Phang Nga: Muang Phang Nga: Wat Tham Tapan N08.4550467° E098.528012° Altitude: 39 m
Stenasellus deharvengi Magniez, 1991
The type and only known locality is CH0012 Tham Kaeo: Chaiyaphum: Phakdi Chumphon: Tapo-Huai Yai Wildlife Sanctuary: Ban Tham Keao N15.974169° E101.410217° Altitude: 355 m

Stenasellus rigali Magniez, 1991

The type and only known locality is KK0004 Tham Nayn Noi: Khon Kaen: Chum Phae: Phu Pha Man National Park: Phu Tham Pu 4 N16.829244° E101.984878° Altitude: 359 m
Stenasellus mongnatei Magniez & Pantivong, 2005
The type locality is SB0135 Tham Nam: Saraburi: Kaeng Khoi: Khao Phutthabut Noi.
This species has also been found in nearby surface streams.
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